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Unity Temple is a place where diversity is praised, and peace and harmony are the rewards

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Current News:

Join us Sunday, February 1, 2015, 10:30am (Nhien Vuong Dougherty speaking)

Our Mission is to be a continual source of nourishment for the increase of spiritual awareness by providing support and encouragement to the people of the community for the increase of peace and harmony in their lives and to encourage the people who come to this center to collectively join together to further the peace and harmony in the world.



11:30am - 1:00pm

Our 2015 Capital Campaign  is being launched via a Volunteer Orientation Meeting (VOM) on Sunday, February 1, at 11:30am - Noon in Temple Space and then Noon - 1:00pm in the Sanctuary. At that meeting, POETYC Volunteer Teams will form in the areas of Prayer, Outreach, Events, Thanks, Youth/Children, and Communications to support our campaign efforts. These teams are open to all. Check out the POETYC TEAMS tab to learn more about those teams. You can join even if you can't make the Feb 1 meeting!

Unity Temple recently conducted a  FEASIBILITY STUDY, which showed overwhelming support for both the existing Temple ministry leadership and for a capital campaign. Having received a final report of the study and discussing it a length at its August 19, 2014 meeting, the Board of Directors unanimously approved a capital campaign.  The campaign management team was formed thereafter and is joyously rolling out this 2015 campaign to REVIVE the ~ 65-year-old Temple building so that this ministry can continue to serve its members and the community for decades to come. 

To learn more about REVIVE and what role YOU have in this campaign, http://www.revivethetemple.org/about.html

Read the First REVIVE Newsletter, click here

Free Valentine's Day Weddings, Vow Renewals and Holy Unions

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Unity Temple has always embraced diversity and welcomed people of all faiths, lifestyles, abilities and ethnic backgrounds throughout the year and for this annual celebration of love! This is our 15th year for celebrating Love and Marriage for All by providing Free ceremonies on Valentine's Day.

Let this once-a-year gift from Unity Temple help make your special day with that special someone irresistibly convenient and affordable.

YOU MUST REGISTER IN PERSON, MONDAY - THURSDAY, 10:00am - 4:00pm. The deadline to register is Tuesday, February 10th.

You must provide a Marriage License from the state of MISSOURI

For more details, CLICK HERE

Contact: Christine Garvey 816.994.8009 or christine@unitytemple.com



Turn the Page KC is supported by seven AmeriCorps VISTA service members.  Each of these VISTAs work with elementary schools to do whatever they can to help increase the percentage of students reading at grade level by 3rd grade.  By helping students build home libraries, we equip them with fun books to read.

Please consider donating children's books as long as they are in good condition, We could also take adult novels, biography's, non-fiction etc, etc and we would sell them for cheap to buy more children's books.  

Please drop your books off at the bookstore or at the youth education department.

Serenity Pause™ Meditation, 7 DAYS A WEEK - 365 DAYS A YEAR, 12:10pm to 12:40pm and 5:30pm to 6:00pm, Myrtle Fillmore Chapel, Includes instruction and discussion.

What is it?

Serenity Pause™ meditation sessions are available to people from all walks of life and from all religious backgrounds and spiritual traditions. These sessions are offered daily at scheduled times throughout the week, making it easy for you to drop by and drop in to a place of peace and serenity - away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. No previous meditation experience is necessary. Each meditation time includes meditation instruction, time to sit, and time to discuss. Both chairs and mat/cushions are provided. All Serenity Pause™ meditation sessions are offered on a love offering donation basis.

Space is available for individual meditation Mondays - Saturdays from 10:00am to 9:00pm.


Spiritually Speaking

Join together with others to share spiritual insights, questions and comments. If you are interested in Unity Principles in general and/or Unity Temple in specific, this group is for you.

Times available each week:

Sundays at 9:00am with Duke

Sundays at 11:45am with Duke and Janet

Please click here for a complete list of VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES at Unity Temple on the Plaza.


Every Sunday, at 9 am, join us for meditation instruction along with a short practice and lesson. Chairs, mats/cushions provided. No experience necessary. For more information, contact Janet Taylor at janet@unitytemple.com.

BRING THE KIDS! Children's Meditation, Sundays: 9 - 10am, Myrtle Fillmore Chapel, Ages 5-16. Looking for a space where your child can learn to meditate and grow? Temple Buddhist Center's Children's Meditation is that place. Bring your child for fun, art and meditation!

Kids, bring your parents for the adult meditation class across the hall!

For more information: Matt Foster matthew@unitytemple.com or 816.561.4466 ext 127

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Would you like to help us help others through a financial donation?  Click below or give us a call us at 816-561-4466.  We are deeply grateful for your support.

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Conservators can be reached at 816.807.1075, if you have building issues, during a class or event being held at Unity Temple.

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