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Sunday, March 26, 2017, 10:30am (Reverend Sandra Campbell speaking)

Our Mission is to be a continual source of nourishment for the increase of spiritual awareness by providing support and encouragement to the people of the community for the increase of peace and harmony in their lives and to encourage the people who come to this center to collectively join together to further the peace and harmony in the world.

Would you like to share your time and talent with others from the community?  We are seeking volunteers to assist with serving coffee and cookies on Sundays.  Come join one of our socialite teams and get to know more people in our fabulous community.  Contact Christine Garvey at christine@unitytemple.com or call 816-994-8009.

U-NITE on the Plaza

Sundays, 4:30pm

Special Announcement! U-Nite, Unity Temple's weekly interspiritual service is hosting a special 3-week series on traditionally Taboo Topics: Sex, Money, and Religion starting this Sunday, March 26, 4:30pm, in Temple Space. Join Reverend Nhien and Guest Speaker Shane Williamson as we explore the topic of sex, sexuality, and spirituality. The talk title is "From Shame to Grace." Music will be provided by U-Nite Music Team member Mark Thies and Special Guest Singer/Songwriter and Conscious Musician Steve Epley. 

Spiritual Parlor: Tuesday, March 28th, 6:30-8:30pmAdditionally, Reverend Nhien will be facilitating a Spiritual Parlor this Tuesday evening in the Heritage Room for those who would like to continue the conversation about sex, sexuality, and spirituality. This group will be by RSVP/reservation only. Please RSVP on Facebook here (optional, to help us get the word out) and by email (mandatory) to Nhien at nhien@unitytemple.com. In a few sentences in your email, please introduce yourself and briefly share what you hope to gain/share in this special, intimate gathering. Our intention is to create the safest space possible for this highly sensitive, traditionally taboo topic!

Join Reverend Nhien and Creative Director Victor Dougherty along with your U-NITE Service Team every Sunday @4:30PM for our U-NITE InterSpiritual Service (Music, Message, Meditation & Mingling!). Fellowship follows at 5:30PM | ​Location: Temple Space (basement level, next door to Eden Alley Restaurant) at Unity Temple on the Plaza

Updated info about U-Nite can always be found at http://www.uthrive-in-unity.com/or email nhien@unitytemple.com

CREATE (for kids), families have the opportunity to grow in consciousness--together! CREATE is the name of the Interspiritual Youth Program that we provide in tandem with U-NITE to further this mission. Childcare is available for ages 0-5 and an interspiritual youth lesson aligned with what the adults are learning in U-NITE is offered for children ages 5+.  ​

Serenity Pause™ Meditation, 7 DAYS A WEEK - 365 DAYS A YEAR, 12:10pm to 12:40pm and 5:30pm to 6:00pm

Myrtle Fillmore Chapel, Includes instruction and discussion.

What is it?

Serenity Pause™ meditation sessions are available to people from all walks of life and from all religious backgrounds and spiritual traditions. These sessions are offered daily at scheduled times throughout the week, making it easy for you to drop by and drop in to a place of peace and serenity - away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. No previous meditation experience is necessary. Each meditation time includes meditation instruction, time to sit, and time to discuss. Both chairs and mat/cushions are provided. All Serenity Pause™ meditation sessions are offered on a love offering donation basis.

Space is available for individual meditation Mondays - Saturdays from 10:00am to 9:00pm.



Bible Interpretation Class.... Let's Get (Meta)-Physical!

Sundays, 9:00am - 10:00am

Classroom D

 Come join Revs. Sandra Campbell and Laura Barrett Bennett for an enlightening and inspiring journey through the Gospels and how they relate to our lives today. Sunday mornings, 9am, in Classroom D. It's not your typical Bible study. 

For more information, contact Rev. Sandra at sandra@unitytemple.com or 816.561.4466 ext 125

Spiritually Speaking

Sundays at 9:00am and 11:45am

Heritage Room

Join together with others to share spiritual insights, questions and comments. If you are interested in Unity Principles in general and/or Unity Temple in specific, this group is for you.

Please click here for a complete list of VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES at Unity Temple on the Plaza.



Every Sunday, at 9:00am and 10:30am, join us for meditation instruction along with a short practice and lesson. Chairs, mats/cushions provided.

No experience necessary.



Youth Meditation classes for students aged 5-12 and 13+ are available during the 9:00am TBC service. Nursery care for children 0-5 available in the Angel Loft. For more information, visit: templebuddhistcenter.com/tbc-youth or contact Matt Foster, Youth Meditation Director: matthew@unitytemple.com


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Would you like to help us help others through a financial donation?  Click below or give us a call us at 816-561-4466.  We are deeply grateful for your support.

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