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Celebrating Artistic Vision and Spiritual Inspiration

The art of Gallery Hall connects you to a visual universe of wholeness, healing, and spirituality. Our space displays local and international artists who share the inner landscapes, intuitions, and viewpoints of our greater world community. Come and ground yourself in the life and beauty of the individual and the cosmic. And be reminded that we are all a part of the same great work of art.

Open Monday - Saturday
 9:00am to 9:00pm

Sunday 8:30am to 2:00pm

Unity Temple on the Plaza
707 W. 47th St.
Kansas City, MO 64112


October 2017

Artist: Greg Birch

The art being displayed at Unity includes photographs and the descriptive text of metal sculptures created by Greg Birch, 30 year Army Veteran.
Greg's work brings awareness to the pain and trauma our returning soldiers experienced during these wars and continue to experience daily at home.
Greg's sculptures were created for MISSION 22, a non-profit organization founded by veterans for veterans, in the war against veteran suicide.

I am honored and grateful to be able to share *Greg's artwork. I thank Greg and Magnus Johnson and the Mission 22 family for their willingness to share these works. And I am grateful for their life-saving mission. As Mission 22 states, "Whether You're a Veteran, a Family Member, or Part of the Community, You're Part of the Mission."

*Peggy Peterson (Greg's sister)


Anyone wanting to show their art work in our Unity Art Hall, or know someone that might be interested in doing this,

please contact Barbara or Fred Schoell at bamschoell@kc.rr.com or call 913-642-4541