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Jack Lockton Family Endowment
A Safety Net to Maintain Unity Temple Facilities and Grounds

In 1998, an endowment to maintain the building and grounds of Unity Temple on the Plaza was established. This fund, now known as the Jack Lockton Family U.T.O.P. Building Endowment, totals $191,465.57; it is administered by the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation and managed by the church’s Endowment Trustees.

In order to assure sound management and good investment practices over many years, the church and GKCCF have put many safeguards in place. The endowment is operated independently of Unity Temple’s finances, its board members and its staff; the endowment earnings can only be used for certain specific purposes.

• How does the Endowment work?

When Unity Temple has a need for money for a building or facilities project, a request is made to the four Endowment Trustees. There are two guiding factors trustees use to determine whether a request can be approved:

For even more detailed information, download the Endowment Summary.

• Who are the Endowment Trustees?

The current trustees are:

One trustee – a church member who is not on the board or staff - is appointed (or reappointed) by the church board each September. The trustees elect a chairperson, treasurer, and secretary each January.

• Why entrust funds to GKCCC?

GKCCF, the metro area’s largest, most experienced professional manager of charitable funds, oversees over 1,500 charitable funds, one of which is for Unity Temple on the Plaza. Please view GKCCF’s Financial Highlights page to learn more.

• How can I make a gift to the Endowment?

Gifts of any real or personal property (as well as cash, bonds, stock or insurance) may be made exactly as follows:

Jack Lockton Family U.T.O.P. Building Endowment Fund
c/o Unity Temple on the Plaza
Att’n:  Duke Tufty, senior minister
707 W. 47th Street
Kansas City, MO 64112

Any gift of a financial instrument (cash, securities, insurance, promissory notes, residual retirement accounts or the reside of an annuity, for example) may be made exactly as follows:

Jack Lockton Family U.T.O.P. Building Endowment Fund
c/o Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
1055 Broadway, Ste.130
Kansas City, MO  64105

• What’s Important to keep in mind about gifts to the Endowment?

It is important that the exact name of the endowment be used for gift or estate planning purposes.

For more information, please contact: 

Mason Wolff (Trustee Chair) 913-515-117

Phil Snowden (Trustee Treasurer) 816-746-8243

Rev. Duke Tufty (Senior Minister) 816-561-4466