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Unity Temple on the Plaza Pledge Drive

Unity Temple is a vibrant center for well-being serving the community in countless ways. It is where people come for spiritual nourishment, education, uplifting music and fitness programs as well as support during times of life's most difficult challenges..Partners in Prosperity is a planned-giving program to financially protect this important community asset. One way you can help Unity Temple throughout the year is to sign up for a standard donation each quarter or month or week, whatever works best for you. In this way, Unity Temple is then better able to plan annual budgets and better maintain this wonderful building with all its myriad of supportive programs and activities.

As we prepare for 2010, we again ask you to plan your giving so that we can offer you and the community the best services possible. Your participation in 2010 Partners in Prosperity enables Unity Temple on the Plaza to continue its ministry where diversity is praised and peace and harmony are the rewards.

A History of Partnership

The Kansas City community has always been the most powerful supporter of Unity Temple.

Though Unity Temple was built through the tithes and offerings from friends all over the world, by the time Unity Temple was completed in 1950, approximately 75 percent of the donations came from the Kansas City area. We estimate that in the year 2009, direct donations from Unity Temple’s congregation will account for nearly 80 percent of the operating budget.

Unity Temple on the Plaza was built, and continues to be operated, through the generous financial support of its local spiritual family.

This year we need your continued partnership. The financial goal for 2010 is $803,280. This amount is approximately 80 percent of our $1,004,100 projected budget for 2010.

The following are our projected expenditures, which support our good work:

Every person who comes through the doors of Unity Temple is a partner in establishing and supporting our mission and vision. The temple is yours - in partnership and in prosperity. Thank you for your support.

Call Unity Temple on the Plaza, 816-561-4466, ext. 102 for more information.