Sara Grady


Integrative Personal Coach





Sara believes taking good care of yourself is the most loving thing you can do for you and for everyone around you. Having the support you need is a key component of self care. Saraʼs approach to coaching integrates guided breathingenergy work and therapeutic dialogue. She guides clients to access what is underneath their physical and emotional symptoms, as well as the external circumstances of their lives. She facilitates the discovery of the underlying sources, the patterns and themes, that are creating the current symptoms and circumstances. mm

Through the unique and powerful combination of dialogue and energy work, old patterning is reorganized and released and the connected emotions are metabolized through the body. Once this internal shifting begins, life-affirming changes follow. While cognitive processing is involved, the work Sara does with clients goes beyond that and into healing at the body-spirit level, which is more deeply transformative than what is constructed through cognitive processing alone. Living from a consistently grounded and clear place, Sara's clients create what they want in their lives. 

Sara holds masters degrees in Social Work and Education and certifications in Health Coaching and Natural Healing. Her work is also deeply influenced by the time she has spent with native healers. Sara conducts appointments in person and by telephone.