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The Unity Temple Prayer Chaplains are here to support you on your spiritual journey by creating and holding sacred space, listening, and praying in confidence with all who ask for prayer.

The Prayer Chaplains serve the congregation by:

Our 2016-2017 chaplains are:

Bob Gahm (Leader)

Vickie Gahm (Co-Leader)

Connie Dodson (Co-Leader)

David Adams

Robyn Backman

Carol Bradstreet

Pam Burwell

Randy Burwell

Terry Copperfield

Andrew Filla

Kathleen Keenan

Christopher Stohrer

Mary Straub

Becky Voelzke

Robert Walker

Christine Garvey  Staff chaplain
Rev. Duke Tufty    Senior Minister 

Ever considered being a chaplain yourself? Click here for more information about volunteering for the deeply enriching and vital service, or feel free to contact, Bob Gahm (Lead Chaplain) or Connie Dodson or Vickie Gahm, Co-Lead Prayer Chaplains, at chaplain@unitytemple.com