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Elementary I (Grades K - 2nd)

Elementary II (Grades 3rd - 5th)

Our elementary age children explore the truth principles through Unity’s “Living Curriculum”. We explore spiritual truths found in metaphysical interpretations of the Bible and other resources, and then relate those to the greater community, and finally return to discover a personal meaning for each child. Aside from Bible stories and other resources, we add music, yoga, games with a purpose, prayer, meditation, and positive affirmations to creatively experience these lessons in fun way. This “Living Curriculum” is designed to provide children with a “spiritual toolbox” that they can use throughout life. We aim to equip our students with such “tools” as the Five Basic Unity Principles and the ability to look for personal meaning in positive prayer and the teachings of spiritual wayshowers, like Jesus.

We have two elementary age classrooms which are located on the lower level. Children in Kindergarten to 2nd Grade meet in the Power and Light Room. 3rd to 5th Grades meet in the Rainbow room.

Elementary Teachers

Elementary I
Grades K - 2




Christi Hoffman Elementary II Grades 3rd-5th


Christi Hoffman has been active in Unity since her teens, and is our elementary II class teacher. Christi is a former college English teacher, foster parent, and children's acting coach. Her passion is igniting and honoring each person's spiritual development and talking with families about how to use spiritual concepts at home.

Christi's blog can be found at parentingthenewkids.wordpress.com <http://parentingthenewkids.wordpress.com/