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Uniteens (Grades 6 - 8)

Along with Unity curriculum, the Uniteen class addresses issues that directly affect preteens today. We appreciate that at this age, the youth’s needs are changing and they may like to discuss in more detail how they can identify spiritually-centered solutions to real-world challenges. This is presented in a safe, relevant, practical way, while helping to foster positive self-image, confidence, and faith in the spiritual truths at work in our lives. UniTeens take on more responsibility within the classroom and our spiritual community through volunteerism and fundraising efforts. They also have the opportunity to attend youth lock-ins and regional retreats.


Uniteen Sponsor Maggie Staggs



Our Uniteen teacher, Maggie Staggs, began her journey with Unity Temple on the Plaza as a skeptical teen at a Y.O.U. ice cream social in 1989. She quickly became the Y.O.U. meditation leader and eventually Y.O.U. president. Sufi dancing and world religions interested her greatly so she was delighted to find a group of Sufis in Russia where she spent a year abroad as an exchange student from ’93-’94. Maggie speaks Russian, French, and Japanese and worked with children at the Concordia Language Villages in Minnesota immersion language camps for 10 summers. San Francisco was her home during these years where she worked as a pastry chef, dog walker, and nanny while going to school. For the last 8 years Maggie has been back in K.C. spending ridiculous amounts of time at Unity Temple, as she lives just one block away with her cat, Mr. Kowalski. Sign language is also a passion for Maggie and she earned her Bachelor of Liberal Arts from UMKC in 2012 and is now pursuing her Master's in Speech Language Pathology at Central Missouri University in Warrensburg. Learning about Divine Order as a confused and fearful teenager gave her the faith that she does belong perfectly on our Earth and she hopes she can share this gift that was so freely given to her with UT Uniteens.