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Unity Temple on the Plaza Youth and Family Education Program

The Youth and Family Education department at Unity Temple on the Plaza offers a diverse range of classes and events to compliment the many services held at the Temple.

Whether you attend our Unity services, the Temple Buddhist Center, or our U-Nite Sunday evening Interspiritual service, there’s a place for your whole family at

Unity Temple on the Plaza!


Unity Sunday School Classes
10:30-11:30am during the Unity service

Peace Class (Pre-K), Sunrise Room
Rainbow Class (K-2nd Grade), Peace Room
Uniteam Class (3rd-5th Grade), Power & Light Room
Uni-Teens (6th-8th Grade), Classroom C

Y.O.U. (9th-12th), Classroom E

Angel Loft Infant and Toddler Childcare
Care for children aged 0- 4 is available every Sunday morning during 9:00am, 10:30am and 12:15pm services.

TBC Youth Meditation
9:00-10:00am and 10:30am - 11:30am during TBC service
TBC Kids (Ages 5+)

Create! Interspiritual Youth Class
12:15pm - 1:30pm during U-Nite Sunday service 
Ages 5+


COME JOIN IN THE FUN! It's our yearly "Youth Excellence Service" at the 10:30service! 

Our theme this year is "My Creative Spirit!" 

Do you sing, dance, play an instrument? Do you build, construct, draw, or write? Each Sunday in July we will be planning and practicing for our August 5th Youth-led service, and we need participants! The Unity Temple Youth will also be featured in Gallery Hall for the month of August!  This also includes submitting your CREATIONS of all kinds, including bringing in finished art work, or emailing photos or video of you doing what you love to do, having fun, and putting your creativity into action! 

 So let's highlight YOU, and your awesome creative spirit!

We need everyone that can participate to help make this a fun and exciting day! Even if you haven't been to Unity in a little while, come back and be a part of this! 

Over the next 4 weeks (July 8, July 15July 22, and July 29) we will be preparing for what we will TEACH the adults about the "Five Basic Unity Principles" and the "Creative Spirit" within us all! We will also be practicing music, and making art for the Gallery Hall exhibit!

Time: 10:30 Service (Kids be downstairs in the ORANGE ROOM (3rd-5th) at 9:30)

RSVP: I really need to know who will be here and wants to do what, so please see below for the sign-up sheet... there are so many ways to participate!!!!

For any questions, contact Sara Page, Director of Youth and Family Education, atsara@unitytemple.com. Sara's Cell/Text: 314-795-9992



Our theme this year is "My Creative Spirit!" The show is up the entire month of AUGUST!!

We are making some art here in class, and also at "Art Sunday" which is happening every Sunday in July, from 12:15 to 3:00 p.m.! So come get messy with us and make something to hang all month long upstairs!!!!

We definitely want to also include projects that you've done at home or at school, that you are particularly proud of! I would like to collect these by July 15th if possible so that we know what we have and if we have ENOUGH art to fill the whole hallway!!!

 So let's highlight YOU, and your awesome creative spirit!

Submit artwork by July 15th!

Art opening day: Sunday, August 5th

Hanging day: (August 1st or 2nd most likely)


Teaching and Volunteering in Youth Ed

Classroom Teacher Needed! Unity Youth is in need of an energetic and positive teacher for our K-2nd grade “Rainbow Class.” For more information about this position, contact Sara Page: sara@unitytemple.com

Our classrooms are bursting with kids and we’re having a great time! We need some adults to join the fun, too.

Consider spending one weekend a month with us.

Our goal is to grow our available volunteer pool to two lead teachers and four volunteers per class room.
Youth Ed sends a monthly volunteer sign-up via email, so it’s easy to pick a weekend that works best for you.
Interested in knowing more? Contact Sara: sara@unitytemple.com


Youth Ed is on Facebook! You can find us at www.facebook.com/unitytempleyouth

Contact Sara Page at sara@unitytemple.com with all things Youth and Family!