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Volunteers are the hands and feet of our youth ministry. Our program could not exist without the many energetic, loving, and devoted volunteers who support our children on their spiritual journey.

As you and your child become part of our spiritual community, we encourage you to assist in the classroom at least one Sunday every other month. This allows you to be part of your child’s Sunday school experience and play an important part in the Unity Temple Youth Education program. 

What does a volunteer do?
Our volunteers are our extra eyes and ears in the classroom. We have a wonderful crew of teachers for our classes and our volunteers help by making sure the teacher is assisted as lessons are presented, as crafts and projects are made, and as snacks are served. Volunteers serve as a warm, caring, and compassionate presence in the classroom, and that helps us with classroom control and in mitigating behavior issues, ensuring a safe, kind, and loving environment for all of our students. Most of all, being in the classroom is fun and rewarding. Volunteers have the chance to experience Unity Temple from the eyes of our youngest congregants.

Where can I volunteer?
We have a wide variety of Sunday classroom opportunities, including:

Party and Event Planning:
Not interested in helping out in the classrooms? You can still help! We’d love to have a group of people who are interested in party and event planning.  Our events include an annual Halloween Party, our Homecoming Sunday Picnic in September, Easter celebration, and more.

How to Get Started:
If helping out in our classrooms sounds great to you, we’d love to have you with us. You can begin by choosing a classroom and having a day of observation. You can set this visit up with our Youth Director, Sara Page, at sara@unitytemple.com

Once you’ve decided that you’d like to help out on the regular (or whenever it feels right for you!), Unity Temple will conduct a background check and you’ll be official!