Introduction to Buddhism

Tuesday, October 15 | 6:30pm | Temple Space

The main objective of this 6-week course is to provide a general overview of non-sectarian Buddhism, it’s history and its resources. Students will become familiar with a brief account of the life of Siddharta Gautama, the spreading of Buddhism throughout Asia and the western world, and the collection of teachings available to those who desire to learn.

The students will become familiar with key vocabulary terms in order to understand The Discourses (Suttas), The Four Noble Truths, The Noble Eightfold Path, and the various other collections of Dharma available to them. The ultimate goal for this course is to enable the students to gain a working knowledge of Buddhism and the Buddhist path, so that they can intelligently move forward in their own practice, while utilizing the specific methods of meditation and study provided by Buddhism.
Our Instructor
Michael Cochran (Fa Huì) comes to us from the Lohan Temple in Las Vegas, NV, where he studied Theravada Buddhism with Ven. Bhante Nawala Lakkana, Mahayana & Vajrayana Buddhism with Ven. Lama Jigme Namyal Rinpoche, Tai Chi with Dashi Steven Baugh, and Chi Kung with Ven. Greg Pergament. He has been a Buddhist Practitioner for over 10 years and was a frequent meditation & Dharma instructor for Desert Dharma at the Lohan Temple. Michael is an ordained minister, a certified Reiki Master IV in both Usui & Sechim lineages, and has been a university instructor for over 30 years. Currently, Michael is a substitute teacher for the Liberty, Park Hill & North Kansas City School Districts, and is a regular meditation instructor throughout the Kansas City Metro Area.
Contact Victor Dougherty or call Unity Temple at 816-561-4466 for more information. 




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Cost is $10 per class; $60 for complete course.