Valentine's Day Celebration of Love

Friday, February 14 | 10am | Sanctuary, Charles Fillmore Chapel, Myrtle Fillmore Chapel

20th Year of Unity Temple on the Plaza’s Valentine’s Day Celebration of Love offering free Weddings, Vow Renewals and Holy Unions!

As a gift to all local lovebirds, Unity Temple on the Plaza is offering its annual Valentine’s Day Celebration of Love with free Weddings, Vow Renewals and Holy Unions.  Now is the time to plan that special day with that special someone!  For anyone thinking about a wedding, holy union or vow renewal, Unity Temple has the perfect solution.  On Thursday, February 14, 2020, the ministers at Unity Temple will be ready for a Marathon of Love from 10:00am to 6:00 pm. 

Unity Temple embraces diversity and welcomes people of all faiths, lifestyles, abilities, racial and ethnic backgrounds for this special, once-a-year event.  What better day than February 14th to demonstrate the power of love to transform our lives, by celebrating couples who are committing to love and being loved for a lifetime.   

Each couple will have their very own fifteen minutes to say their “I do’s” and celebrate the joy of having found that special person.  A minister, chapel, recorded music and nuptials are all provided free of charge.  Couples who wish to bring their own minister or musicians are encouraged to do so, at their own expense.  For weddings, the couple need only bring a State of Missouri marriage license and come dressed for the ceremony. 

Couples must pre-register online at www.

by Wednesday, February 12th.

For media interviews, contact Cassie Bender at 913-558-2666 or send email to:

For more information on weddings on other dates, contact Christine Garvey at 816-994-8009.


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